Graphic Design Program

The graphic design program aims to create effective advertising strategies by mobilizing aesthetic, technical and artistic talents for the sector and sending the necessary message to the consumer about the product. The program in this context aims to train qualified manpower in the fields of graphic design, printing, printing preparation and desktop publishing.

Another aim of this program is to educate individuals who are useful to our country by supporting the developments in the sector around the world by using the hardware brought by the innovations effectively and supporting them with graphic design, science and technology.

Students have the opportunity to transform their field knowledge into theoretical and practical courses during the summer practice.

Students who graduate from graphic design program take the title of ’Assistant Graphic Designer and step into the labor market. In advertising agencies related to their fields, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses and printing houses can also be employed as assistant graphic designers, assistant graphic designers and art consultants in the publicity departments of TV companies, in the publicity bureaus of many companies in the private sector, marketing companies and government agencies.

Vertical Transfer Exam

According to the vertical transfer exam guidelines published by OSYM, graduates can continue their education at programs of different universities listed below:

1. Photo

2. Photo & Video

3. Graphics

4. Graphic Arts and Graphic Design

5. Graphic Arts

6. Graphic Design

7. Visual Communication Design

8. Communication Design

9. Communication and Design

10. Communication Design and Management can switch to undergraduate programs.